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Welcome to my website. I live in Warley and have created my REAL estate business in Brentwood to help people in all property related matters. I am extremely privileged to serve such a wonderful community where I live, covering Warley and Brentwood, as well as surrounding villages. Find out more


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Sellers Guide

Selling a property can be a daunting prospect, there is so much to consider. The steps I discuss will help you stride towards sold, but my sellers guide will show how you can be super prepared and help to achieve the highest sale price. Download my selling guide.

Are you ready?

Have you emotionally prepared yourself to leave your home? If you're unable to say goodbye you may end up hindering your sale and devaluing your home.

Why do you want to sell?

You may have a clear reason to move, but for some the decision may not be straightforward. Before you jump and regret it, look at all the options so you know you've made the right decision for you and your family.

Have you checked your finances?

There are many costs involved in selling, even more if you're buying as well. You need to consider those extra costs such as conveyancing, surveys and agency fees to ensure you can really afford to move.

What is the value of your home?

Your home needs to be competitively priced to attract viewings and strong offers. Who you choose to sell your home with can impact your entire experience. As your local KW agent my goal is to become your property advisor for life not just this sale. As an expert in the local market and powered by world-class tools, the value we give you is in our results.

Are you happy with your home's marketing?

Estate agents have similar offerings in their marketing toolbox, but at Keller Williams our approach means we use many additional methods to attract potential buyers. We don't treat one seller or property the same way. 

Is your home ready for sale? 

Your home needs to be "viewing-ready", and this doesn't mean blitzing it with magnolia. By decluttering, deep cleaning, undertaking repairs and toning down any bold d'cor choices, you will make it more appealing to buyers. I will be able to give you specific advice to get your home ready for sale and explain why changes could potentially add value.

What are your circumstances? 

To properly serve your property I will need to know your circumstances. Have you already found a property? Are you relocating? Is your move time-restricted? Knowing these things helps us help you more effectively.

What would you accept? 

Before offers come in it's important to talk through what you will do if a good offer comes in quickly. What offer would you accept? What if it was below the asking price?

Can you complete? 

Are you ready to move, should you accept an offer? You never know how soon the right buyer may walk into your home.

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Garlands Estates Lyd, Registered in England and Wales, Reg No 12337121, Registered Office Suite 4, Stanmore Towers, 8-14 Church Road, Stanmore, HA7 4AW,